What is Chat Bob?

Bob is artificial intelligence powered chat robot to converse and engage your customers through Text and Voice based conversational interfaces. It is intelligently trained to converse humanly and perform tasks based upon your requirement. Bob operates through a number of channels, including web, within apps and on messaging platforms.

Bob is easily deployable, trainable, dependable with the sole purpose to Converse, Engage and Delight your customers.

What can Bob do?

  • Consumer Learning

    It asks structured questions to customers for any product or service.

  • Data Gathering

    It is trained to capture leads or feedback based upon your business requirement.

  • Relation Building

    It can handle domain-specific contexts in 14+ different international languages in automated manner.

Bob helps your business with..

User Engagement
User Engagement
Using AI and Natural Language understanding, Bob understands your audience’s intent and sends appropriate responses in human language.
Better UI
Better UI
It elevates the user experience by its instantaneous responses. Integrate with ease on websites, mobile apps or third party messaging apps.
Multi-Lingual Support
Multi-Lingual Support
Broaden your reach globally with 14+ supported languages including Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese.
Uninterrupted Customer Support
Uninterrupted Customer Support
365*24*7 support in a cloud-based platform

Integrate Bob on

Facebook Messenger